From Invisible to Authority

I went from stuck in my psychotherapy office to CEO of an international coaching/consulting business making 6+ figures in 12 months.  

From Invisible to Authority

I went from invisible and stuck in my psychotherapy office to CEO of an international coaching/consulting business making 6+ figures in 12 months

You’ve invested thousands of dollars, worked countless hours, spilled your blood, sweat and tears to become the expert that you are.

Why not get paid a whole lot more for that expertise instead of continuing to exchange time and effort for just enough money?

It’s about time you claimed what’s rightfully yours instead of watching others with less experience make bank.


This is how I can help you.

Stop leaving money on the table by monetizing your knowledge, experience, and skills!

You’re a real freaking expert, you’ve sacrifice a lot for your knowledge and experience. It’s about time you get paid real money. You have so much value to offer.  You just haven’t figured out how to monetize it in a way that brings in financial freedom instead of overwhelm, exhaustion, and the eternal hustle. Click the image to Package Your Expertise!

Become the "Go to" Expert, the Authority in Your Niche and Get Paid for Real

If you’re invisible and no one knows you exist, your business will not make money. Break through the fears and the insecurity of putting you and your work out there. Become visible and create an audience full of potential clients that see you as the expert that has the absolute solution to their problem and can’t wait to pay you what you are asking. Click the image to go From Invisible to Authority!

I’m Adamaris, a Freedom Life & Business Strategist

OK! I know my face in this picture looks a bit odd. But this was my expression when I started running my international coaching business online and realized I had to become crazy visible.

See what most coaching certification programs, businesses coaches and digital courses promising fast results don’t tell you is….that you have to become  the go to expert in your industry if you want to get seen, heard and paid by your potential clients.

How do you do that? I’ll confess, I freaked out for a minute because I was used to being in an office working with clients. I had no idea how to suddenly transform myself into an authority for the world to see. 

But, I’m Latina y’all. I wasn’t going to let that stop me! I had made a commitment with myself that I was finally going to create the business that I wanted and bring in the money so that I can travel the world (without having to worry about how much was in the bank).
I went to work and tried many different things (so you don’t have to) and created a system that took me from invisible and unknown (making just enough) to creating a 6 figure plus international coaching/consulting business in 12 months!

That amazing shift allowed me to live the freedom lifestyle that I wanted. Because now I had clients wanting to work with me because they recognized I was the expert they needed to finally solve their problem.

Oh my gosh!! and it fulfills me at a deeper level, because now I help thousands of women around the world when before I limited to the four walls of my office and working for the corporate system.

I help psychotherapists, coaches, service professionals,health and wellness practitioners and those ready to leave corporate careers make money from their knowledge and expertise by creating digital offerings that can be ran from anywhere in the world.

My zone of genius is helping you:

✔ Package your knowledge and experience ( into a digital course, group program, or 1-on-1 coaching  or consulting practice) 

✔ Create and share content like a boss (show up as the expert and authority you are)

✔ Go from invisible and underpaid to an authority in your niche that gets paid real freedom money

I’m here to help you make your dream come true!


If you are ready just download these free powerful resources!

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What they are saying


Yamarie Grullon

Yamarie Grullon

Social Media Expert


Crossing paths with Adamaris has been a blessing in my life! Before working with her, I didn’t even realize I had mindset blocks that created overwhelm and lack of clarity.

Adamaris helped me dive deep and bust through the blocks that were holding me back. Ultimately, creating breakthroughs and life transforming shits.

I now operate as the “REAL” me. From an authentic place with ease and flow.

Blanca Pauliukevicius

Blanca Pauliukevicius

Business Coach & Bravery Architect


Coaching with Adamaris allowed me to pick apart the reasons why I was lacking clarity in my niche and brand.In one day,

I rebranded, finished drafting my program and launched it! Than you for keeping me focused, giving me ideas and holding the space for me to step into it!!

Veronica Cruz

Veronica Cruz

Woman Empowerment Expert


Adamaris helped me tap into my inner strength and confidence, by helping me identify and dissolve some of the painful memories and beliefs that have been preventing me from propelling forward in life.

She has provided me with the tools I need to work through my fears, resistance and any confusions that has been stopping me from being the best version of myself.

Hey! It's time to stop leaving money on the table.

This is how I kickstarted my first international online business.

And grew it into a 6-figure business.

You can implement these simple strategies right away!


Welcome to my Freedom Gallery

My friends, this is the dream I hold for every women entrepreneur. 

I’m just so thankful to have taken the leap of creating a lifestyle where my husband and I can choose what we do, when we do it and how we do it. I’m honored to have the privilege to help guide and support you through your adventure.  

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