I’m seeing so many of my entrepreneur friends going through this that I had to help with they WHY and SOLUTIONS!!!!

All of them with aliments connected to their VOICE. increased VISIBILITY, and business EXPANSION!

Am I surprised? Not in the least.

(READ till the end where I give you actual action directives on what you can do)

Why? Because it’s already been said by expert online business strategist that in this new year if you want to stay competitive you must be incredibly visible.

That means you have to show up, connect, interact with your audience and peers in a way that you’ve never had to do before.

Why? Because the market is busy.

There’s a lot of people out there trying to do what you’re doing.

And in order for you to succeed and meet your business growth and income expectations you’ve got to dramatically increase your marketing efforts and show up as the expert you are.

And let’s be HONEST.

This is putting a huge pressure on everyone to push themselves over the fence of the protective environment they had created to keep themselves safe in their comfortable cocoon.

People can allow time and pressure to physically affect them


People hire mentors and business (even visibility) strategists to get some help with this but what they get is…

You’ve got to get out there and get visible.

Do a lot of video, get on stage, host events and retreats, network until you can’t network anymore…

You’ve just got to be seen everywhere!!!!

People want to connect and have access to you and in this new era you have to give it to them if you want to keep and grow your audience.

But they don’t really offer a real support system to help you get there safely.

And since you’re an entrepreneur, a go getter, you go!!!

You push yourself and you give it your all.


When you’re making yourself more visible and accessible it also means you’re opening yourself up and becoming more VULNERABLE.

And your subconscious along with your body commonly (unless you’ve done the deep work with an expert) as a BAD thing to be avoided at all costs!

So what does your mind do?

It decides to stop you.

It begins by introducing fear and defeatist thoughts that trigger uncomfortable feelings hoping this will be enough and do the trick.

If you’re determined to use positive psychology and affirmations and keep going…..it starts creating some obstacles in your way.

Appointments fall through. You start experiencing a lot of tech problems (You’ve scored an amazing podcast interview and internet dies).

If you keep going (because you’re no quitter) then your mind ups the game.

You start feeling cold symptoms. A little cough here. Some mucus there. Your throat itches.

But that’s nothing right?! Cause you don’t let your circumstances stop you.


So you take some over the counter meds and you push on.

Then one day you wake up with a full blown cold, sore throat, tired and feverish.

You’re like, “what the heck?” What’s going on!!!!

I don’t need this right now!

But your subconscious mind goes to work activating all the protection mechanisms it knows.

It uses what has worked in the past to slow you down or even stop you.

The holidays are approaching and that means:

…interacting with family members you only see once a year for a reason)
…I’ve got to make some sales to compensate for the business downtime that’s approaching
…and I have to sit down and start business planning for next year.

You say to yourself, “I can’t afford to get sick now, there’s too much on the line. I have to keep going!!!

So you decide to visit the doctor and you up your medication game.

Because you’ve been taught to be the “No excuses kinda gal”.

I can't afford to get sick now

But the meds don’t seem to be working as expected.

You’re actually feeling worse.

And you finally abdicate and go to bed.

You announce you’re going to have to cancel stuff and prioritize self care.

You’re ready to listen to your body.

But you don’t know how to do that.

Because no one has taught you to prioritize your mindset when taking leaps in to the unknown in order to create growth and expansion.

They’ve taught you to take action first.

That what matters is the doing.

Taking making sure you uncovered and cleared outdated subconscious programing as you take action is an energy sucker and a waste of time.

But it’s the opposite.

When you get going without letting go of the baggage as you go….the weight that accumulates actually slows you down until it actually brings you to a stop.

This moment is critical!

Some will just ignore the healing process and keep pushing through with medication and hustle.

And unfortunately, later on will develop more complicated illnesses that will require a miracle to relieve.

Others, will finally see the signs and decide to focus inward and do the work to release the crap that’s been holding them back and weighing them down.

They will realize that seeking help, support and guidance is not a sign of weakness but of strength.

It’s really up to you!

If you’ve decided to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you and do something about it…

So you can move forward with more easy and flow on your way to increased visibility…..

Instead of having to constantly crash and burn and watch money and time go down the drain…

Ok it’s time to implement and get better!!!

I have some questions that will give you lots of insight into what’s going on so you can open yourself to awareness and release what’s holding you down!!!


One of the ways to understand your illness is to look into the effects it’s having in your life.

What have you had to stop doing?

What’s it protecting you from?

When you get the cold or flu the symptoms (cough and sneezing) guarantees that people will steer clear from you.

Because they don’t want to get sick.

Is this what you really want? To be left alone?

Do you need some time to yourself so you can adjust to all the changes or to rest from all the hustle?

Or is it a cry for attention? Because your mind knows (from growing up) that when you get seek people will show you affection?

Has your mind learned that you must get sick in order to be noticed?


The flu comes in when your immune system is already low.

Maybe from overworking due to overworking, worry, stress, or fear.

Is something or someone having a strong influence on you making you doubt what you think or feel about yourself?

Have you been working very hard in your business and it’s worked.

The expansion you’re experiencing requires you to increase your visibility and accessibility.

Is “Impostor Syndrome” showing up in your life?

Have you been repressing emotional issues?

Have you or the people around you noticed that you have become increasingly irritated and intolerant?

What’s bothering you? What’s trying to get your attention for you to acknowledge and release?


Throat problems can be triggered when you’re experiencing fear or a very irritating situation.

You’re not saying something that needs to be said because you’re afraid.

This is where you express or repress your feelings.

It’s also the place where you take in what’s going on in your life.

Are you tolerating something that is making you sore. irritated, annoyed, angry?

Is there something you really want to say that you are holding back because you’re afraid to share?

Are unexpressed emotions stuck in your throat because you’ve been repressing them?

To keep the hustle going, the money flowing, we procrastinate and even block the natural healing process of the mind.

Which is speaking up.

This process is key because it allows you to process your experiences so they don’t get stuck and stored in your body as toxic energy.

Fight illness with inner peace


If you only take one thing from this post

…..have it be this…….the next time you feel you’re getting sick……LISTEN…..Stop postponing that conversation with yourself!!!!

Every minute you’re postponing becoming aware of what the real issue is….you’re:

Damaging your body by placing undue stress on it (immune system needs to react).
Leaving money on the table because eventually you will have to sow down and maybe even stop being productive to nurse your body back to health.

Affecting your family dynamics. Your time with your loved ones is no longer quality time. And you’re modeling to your kids that listening to your body is not a priority. Work and hustle is.

You can grow, expand, increase your visibility, business and income…

But doing it in a way that supports you instead of damages you will give you much better and long lasting results than pushing through and hustling through the struggle!!!!!

If you’re stuck here and you know 2019 is your year for INCREASED VISIBILITY and INCOME…..

Message me now for info. I have opened up a number of 1:1 support coaching for people who are serious.

Get 2019!!!!!!

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I’m seeing so many of my entrepreneur friends going through this that I had to help with they WHY and SOLUTIONS!!!! All of them with aliments connected to their VOICE. increased VISIBILITY, and business EXPANSION! Am I surprised? Not in the least. (READ till the end...

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